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Ultrasound has been widely used in breast cancer detection and diagnosis. As an adjunct tool to mammography, ultrasound can detect small tumors in women with dense breasts. The limitation of conventional breast ultrasound is the hand-held probes. Manually operating ultrasound scanning would be time-consuming and operator-dependency. During the examination, oversight errors could happen and the position locating information may not enough for retrospectively image review.

In response to emerging breast screening populations, quality control of ultrasound scanning should be considered. Leading healthcare providers, including Siemens Healthcare, GE Healthcare and Philip Healthcare, offered automated breast ultrasound system (ABUS) solutions. ABUS uses an automatic mechanism to reduce operator dependence and to perform bilateral exams in just seven minutes. The resulting image volume also provides complete three-dimensional breast structure information for retrospective review.

We are focusing on the growing application of ABUS systems and provide ABUS viewer for physicians to review and mark abnormalities. Another useful tool is computer-aided detection software that automatically detects abnormalities in hundreds of ABUS slices to reduce oversights. The computer-aided positioning and tracking system for breast screening on conventional hand-held ultrasound has also been developed. Our available products are focusing on breast cancer screening to meet the upcoming requirements. Either for images from novel automated breast ultrasound or conventional hand-held ultrasound, the corresponding computer-aided system is already ready.

Innovative Hand-held Ultrasound Scanning

.Compatible with any breast ultrasound devices
.Standardize scanning process
.Quality assurance
.Assist physicians to analyze and classify

Advanced Visualization

.Powerful 2-D breast ultrasound viewer
.Innovative ABUS viewer

Computer-aided System

.CADe – Integrated artificial intelligence technology automatically detects abnormal areas in 2-D or 3-D breast ultrasound images
.CADx – Integrated artificial intelligence technology automatically classifies whether a lesion is malignant or benign in 2-D breast ultrasound images


[ FDA 510(k) Clearance ( cleared in K151075) ]
[ 衛部醫器製字第005760號 ]
[ 衛部醫器製字第006147號 ]

BR-Viewer 1.0 assist the physician to visualize any orientation of three-dimensional (3-D) breast ultrasound images generated by Siemens ACUSON S2000 Automated Breast Volume Scanner, ABVS (cleared in K081148). The software also automatically generates reports to provide the sub-image and location information of markers annotated during the image review.

BR-FHUS Smart System

[FDA 510(k) Clearance ( cleared in K171309)]

[FDA 510(k) Clearance ( cleared in K171709)]

[ 衛部醫器製字第005966號]

BR-FHUS Smart System is indicated for use to alert sonographer of possible missing area during breast screening and assists radiologists to review 2-D breast ultrasound images efficiently. This system consists of two subsystems: BR-FHUS Navigation and BR-FHUS Viewer.

Product Features
.Compatible with any breast ultrasound devices 
.Standardize scanning process 
.Quality assurance 
.Assist physicians to analyze and classify

BR-FHUS Navigation

BR-FHUS Navigation is an auxiliary device that can solve the problems of time-consuming and missing of breast areas during the scanning. In BR-FHUS Navigation, the probe position and a series of 2-D ultrasound images can be tracked and recorded for physicians to retrospectively review. During the scanning, the probe position relative to the nipple is specified with the clock and distance. The recorded images and routes are also shown on the screen for real-time reference.

BR-FHUS Viewer

BR-FHUS Viewer is a standalone software device installed on a windows-based computer to assist the physicians to review a series of 2-D breast ultrasound images recorded by BR-FHUS Navigation. After examination, physicians can load the recorded data, play image sequence, and easily adjust play speed by clicking the Speed Control Buttons. View Coverage mode is a function for verifying the integrity of scanning path and coverage rate for each scan. Select Specific Region is a function assists physician to pick up the image slices located in specific position.


BR-USCADe is a powerful software that integrates a computer-aided detection (CADe) algorithm with the BR-Viewer to provide significant assistance to physicians. Scanning a breast may need three passes to cover the whole breast area. For a patient with two breasts, there are at least two scanning and results in two image volumes. Each volume is composed more than three hundred slices. Do an ABUS examination equals reading about thousands of image slices. The overloading of reviewing the image data is a time-consuming task and may cause oversights.

About us

TaiHao Medical Inc. is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2013 that focusing on computer-aided detection and diagnosis. Headquarter is in Taipei, Taiwan. Our team consists of experts from multidisciplinary domains including artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering and medicine. The image processing methodology with artificial intelligence is evaluated to be helpful in assisting physicians in breast cancer detection. The available products including "BR-Viewer", "BR-FHUS Smart System" and “BR-USCADe” are focusing on breast screening to meet the upcoming requirements. Either for images from ABUS or hand-held ultrasound, the corresponding computer-aided system is ready. Eventually, we aim at being the leader of medical software with whole body health care in the world.

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